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There are people who are dedicated to uploading and editing videos, and for this there are many advanced programs, although most are designed for computers. But is there an application to edit videos from your phone? The answer is yes and it's called AndroMedia Video Editor.

Now that videos have become an essential part of our entertainment. Usually the biggest source of videos is Youtube; but we can also find them in other platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, it is ideal to know this type of applications.

  1. What is AndroMedia Video Editor?
  2. Download AndroMedia Video Editor Latest Version
    1. Features and Functions of AndroMedia Video Editor
  3. How to Use this Application
  4. Disadvantages of the AndroMedia Video Editor app

What is AndroMedia Video Editor?

AndroMedia Video Editor, as its name suggests, is a video editor designed for Android operating system phones. It is one of the most famous and recommended that there are.

Besides it is 100% free and does not bring watermarks, which is great, unlike other applications, which if you do not pay, limits you in many things. Not this one, AndroMedia Video Editor has a simple interface but it performs very well with the expected functions.

It was released in 2011, and its latest version is Considering that there were no video editors for Android, this application is very good.

Although it works for basic editions, if used well can have a great result, like a professional. AndroMedia Video Editor has some very interesting features.

Download AndroMedia Video Editor Latest Version

Download for free AndroMedia Video Editor safely. The download will start instantly by clicking on the button on your platform...


Features and Functions of AndroMedia Video Editor

This application has many features and functions that will help us to get a quality and attention grabbing video editing.

  • Your edits can have 360p, 480p, 720p and 1080p quality.
  • The size of this application is 93 MB.
  • It is compatible with most Android phones, regardless of brand.
  • You can make transitions and cutsin your videos.
  • It allows you to add emojis, filters, text layers and audio filesstored on your mobile.
  • It supports different formats, such as JPG, PNG, MP3, MP4, MOV and WAV.
  • You can add creditsto your videos.
  • Available in English only.
  • It allows you, once you have finished editing your video, to upload it directly to Youtube.

How to Use this Application

AndroMedia Video Editor can easily be downloaded from the Google Play Store. Once downloaded, select the open option, and then you will see a Welcome to the application and the "Create New Project" button.

In the same way, the application will show us a menu where we will select the characteristics of our video; for example, the resolution of the video (in English "frame size"), the format, if it is MP4, MOV or 3GP; the quality of the video "High, medium or low" (in Spanish "alta, mediana o baja"), among other characteristics. Once we have finished configuring our video, press "Ok".

Next to this, in the upper left part we will find other options, such as playing the video, sharing the video to certain networks, and besides the option to upload it to Youtube.

In the central part will appear the button "Add", there we can select from our gallery the video we want to edit.

Once the video has been chosen, it will appear in a panel, and pressing it we will be able to see different options; among them the one to cut the video, with the icon of the scissors and to erase it, with the icon of the trash can.

In addition, if we want to cut the video, pressing the icon of the scissors we will be able to choose the time of beginning and of culmination; and the seconds in which we want that our video begins.

Likewise, if we want to make transitions we will have to select two videos and we will see the icon of a nut, that is the menu of transitions. Finally, to verify the result, at the top left is the option to play the video.

Disadvantages of the AndroMedia Video Editor app

  • It has the disadvantage that it causes slowness in some devices.
  • And may contain viruses.
  • Not available in Spanish, which may be a limitation for many.

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