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If you love Angry Birds and Star Wars games, you can't ask for more than this excellent game. The developers of Rovio have decided to pay tribute to Star Wars by creating this version.

The theme of the game is that a group of birds are looking for a way to bring peace to humanity, something very related to the saga. Bringing a lot of nostalgia and memories with the best of these angry birds.

That's why we'll show you how to download Angry Birds Star Wars in an easy and simple way. Plus some tips and details for you to know everything about this fun game.

  1. What is Angry Birds Star Wars?
  2. How to Download Angry Birds Star Wars 1.5.12 APK for Android and iOS?
    1. Download for Android
    2. Download for iOS Devices
  3. How to Play Angry Birds Star Wars?
  4. Positive and Negative Details of Angry Birds Star Wars
    1. Negative Details
    2. Positive Details

What is Angry Birds Star Wars?

For those of us who don't know this application, it's a video game released on November 8, 2012. Its theme is a combination between the famous game Angry Birds and Star Wars movies.

For most people can easily recognize this game, due to its reputation as one of the most downloaded applications from the Play store in history.

However, for those who have no idea about Angry Birds, here we will quickly explain what the game is and what it's all about.

What we must do in this game is to recover the eggs that have been stolen by some pigs. In the case of Angry Birds Star Wars, we will have to fight against the dark side, which in this case would be the empire of evil pigs.

The game usually has several worlds with different levels, levels that are increasing their difficulty. The purpose of the game is to pass all the levels and all the worlds to defeat the enemy.

To defeat them, we must throw the birds and defeat all the pigs to complete the level. We have several birds with different skills that will help us with certain problems that are presented in the game.

Download free Angry Birds Star Wars safely. The download will start instantly by clicking on the button on your platform...


How to Download Angry Birds Star Wars 1.5.12 APK for Android and iOS?

If you want to get this game, you can do it directly from the Play Store for Android and the App Store for iOS devices. It's completely free.

Download for Android

The first thing we need to do is access Google's Play store and type Angry Birds Star Wars to search. After locating the game we select "Install", we accept the terms and conditions to continue with the download.

Then the application will install automatically and that's it! If it's the first time you download a Play Store application, just register your Google email and password and then proceed with the download.

Download for iOS Devices

From our iPhone or iPod touch or iPad we go to the App Store, write Angry Birds Star Wars to find the app. After we get the game, we select "Get".

If just like in Android is the first time you download an application from the app store on your device. In the case of Apple we must affiliate our Apple ID account and accept the terms and conditions.

In the payment methods, we select none, as the application is free.

Click "Get" again and install and the download will start automatically. And that's it!

Angry Birds Star Wars is not available for Windows Phone.

How to Play Angry Birds Star Wars?

The gameplay is usually very similar to the other Angry Birds. We have a slingshot with different birds that we must go one by one to knock down the platforms and destroy the pigs.

We only have to use the finger to slide, stretch the slingshot and throw the birds with power. The idea is to get each level with three stars, to achieve it we must have a high score that is achieved by doing a lot of damage with a few throws.

Among the most outstanding birds we have Red (Red Bird) as Luke Skywalker, Hal (Green Bird) as Yoda, Chuck (Yellow Bird) as Han Solo and Terence (Big Red Bird) as Chewbacca. Among many more.

Positive and Negative Details of Angry Birds Star Wars

As one of the downloaded games for mobile devices, we must highlight some of its positive as well as negative points. so as to be sure if you want to download safely.

Negative Details

To begin with, we have few negative points, although one of them is that it contains advertising. It was supposed to be a free application.

But the detail is that it's usually constant, it can even come out every time we pass a level. so it can be a bit tedious and you lose a bit the game essence because it's very well done.

Another negative point is the compatibility of the game with various devices. Many users have complained why the game does not run, even having the recommended features to play.

Finally, several users said that they have problems with the game account, as after a certain time they are restarted and lose the game; Having to start the game from the beginning.

Positive Details

Undoubtedly the game is very well done, as in gameplay, graphics and sound. Its interface is simple, allowing anyone to play without problems, from a child to an older adult.

For Star Wars fans it is one of the best adapted games in the universe. Having an interesting story, very similar to that of the saga.

And of course, it's totally free, so you can enjoy this game without spending money. Besides, it's usually very addictive and fun.

Lastly, if you like Angry Birds games you can't stay without playing this version, as it brings very interesting and different things to others.

Finally, we'd like to know. Do you think Angry Birds is a fun game? Which Angry Birds do you like the most? Leave your opinion in the comments.

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