Disney Héroes: Battle Mode

If you're a fan of Disney cartoons and movies, and would like to see your favorite characters in action, this game is for you. Disney Heroes is the game of the moment, in which the heroes of your favorite movies fight to keep the city safe from a terrifying virus that consumes everything in its path. Also powerful enemies will attack the city with everything, that's why you, along with your Disney friends are the only ones who can save it.

The city depends on you, form a team and attack the evil virus. You will come across zones or levels that you will unlock as you progress and complete the missions. The first one you will find is the campaign zone, there you will get the map of the whole city. It will indicate you the fights that you will have to face and thus to be purifying the city of this infectious virus. Then there is the chest area, in this you will open chests with prizes that will help you during the game to defeat the virus. The areas that follow are coliseum, market, clans, tests, missions, wave and some more areas. So you'll never feel bored in this great game.

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Disney Heroes Features: Battle Mode

If you have an Android or iOS device, don't worry, you can download it from the official store, it's free. Although for the prizes and powers you must cancel with real money. But if you prefer you can change this purchase option in the game settings.

As we've already told you, the city is under the threat of a devastating virus. That's why before starting the game you must choose the mission and the level you want to play. You also have the option of forming a team with some friends or, if you prefer, have a team on your own. You will be able to see the reward after reaching the objectives even against whom you started the battle, then you have to give play and start playing.

Each character has a different way of fighting and has a special ability, which will be recharged as you meet objectives. This power will provide you with strength and you can use it against your enemies, but do not get ahead because if you use it badly nothing will have served you. Each area overcome will make you can improve your hero and make it become real super, ending the evil.

Curiosities about Disney Heroes: Battle Mode

As is to be expected; as more you play or practice the more skillful you will become and it will be impossible for the virus to defeat the city; if you are there to destroy it. Among the most interesting features of the game are the following:

  • Popular characters like Ralph the Wrecker, WALLE; the most feared pirate of the 7 seas Jack sparrow, the protector of the Buzz Lightyeargalaxy; the strongest superhero, Mister Incredible, among others.
  • You can choose between 25 Disney heroes and pixarto win your battles.
  • High definition, so you can enjoy unsurpassed quality when playing.

Invite your friends to play Disney Heroes Battle Mode, enjoy saving the city with your favorite characters and defeat the evil virus!

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