Facebook Messenger

It is an instant messaging feature integrated into Facebook emerged in 2011 and the success was reflected in an application and a website in 2014. How Does Facebook Messenger Work?

The application and website are an instant messaging service that connects to the Facebook database and has replaced the Facebook messaging service within the application.

  1. How Works Facebook Messenger 167.0 APK for Android?
    1. Facebook Messenger Features
    2. There are some risks to using Facebook Messenger
    3. There are other more Specific Risks for the Messenger Application
    4. Download Facebook Messenger 167.0 APK for Android / iOS - iPhone and iPad

How Works Facebook Messenger 167.0 APK for Android?

Facebook Messenger Features

Allows Facebook users to connect with each other and send instant messages, emoji, photos, videos and other light tasks.

  • Shared photo / video
  • Group chats: users can chat with their Facebook friends
  • Contacts from the phone book.
  • Possibility of recording voice messages.
  • Live video chat / video calls.
  • Send GIF files in motion.
  • It's free to download.
  • You can send colorful and fun stickers to your friends.
  • With a recent update, you can now send money to your friends within Facebook Messenger.
  • You can get the weather and order products with the help of Facebook Bots.
  • You can also get a quick travel with the integration of Uber and Lyft.

Download free Facebook Messenger safely. The download will start instantly by clicking on the button on your platform...


There are some risks to using Facebook Messenger

With all other similar messaging applications, there are some risks and things to keep in mind. Some of the most common risks include cyberbullying.

Experimenting with or sharing inappropriate content and chatting with strangers. To help avoid these problems, the same rules should apply to all online interactions for young people.

Only share data with those you trust in real life, think before you click and report any inappropriate data or message to a trusted adult.

There are other more Specific Risks for the Messenger Application

  • Location Services

The Messenger application allows users to send their location in the message to other users. This is done using GPS technology available on most devices now.

Parents may want to disable placement services on their child's device to avoid any potential risk.

On most devices, location services can be found in your phone's settings. Simply disable the access to my location option.

  • Facebook's Privacy Settings

When set up with a Facebook account, the Messenger application can synchronize with all contacts in your phone book as well as Facebook friends.

If you are worried about who might be on your child's contact list or prefer to limit who your child's contacts are to Facebook friends only.

This can be done by omitting the contact synchronization option when downloading the application or disabling it in the configuration. Go to Settings > People > Disable Synchronized Contacts.

Another privacy setting that parents should be aware of is "Who can contact me". By default, this Facebook setting is set to 'basic filtering'.

This means that friends and people you might know can contact you on Facebook with Messenger. To avoid the risk of contact with someone your child doesn't know.

It is recommended to change this setting to a strict filter, this only applies when a user has set up a Messenger account using Facebook. To limit who can contact your children.

Go to Settings > Select Privacy > Select Editing in "What messages do I want to filter in my inbox? "Change from basic filtering to strict filtering.

Download Facebook Messenger 167.0 APK for Android / iOS - iPhone and iPad

Requirements for Android / iOS - iPhone and iPad:

Required: Android Varies with Device / Requires iOS 9.0 or later.

Size: Varies with device / 250 MB.

Content Rating: All / For over 12+

Category: Communication / Social networks.

Languages: Spanish, + 27 more.

Offered by: Facebook, Inc.

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