Flappy Dunk

This is a game pretty much like Flappy Bird. There have been several replicas of this mode of play, however Flappy Dunk is the most popular. Many users are already using it and have given a go-ahead, being this game up to the theme of gameplays on Youtube.

  1. Download Flappy Dunk APK, the Flappy Bird Substitute
    1. Why Arcade Games Are So Entertaining
    2. Download and Install Flappy Dunk for iOS
    3. Download and Install Flappy Dunk for Android
  2. Special features of Flappy Dunk

Download Flappy Dunk APK, the Flappy Bird Substitute

It's an Arcade video game, for mobiles, totally free. Its initial release date was 2017. Its developers are the companies, Giedrius Talzunas and VOODOO. It is available for Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows.

As it is an Arcade game, its modality is very simple. To make the ball jump, we must click on the screen. The purpose is that the ball enters as many hoops as possible. We must avoid hitting the ground so as not to lose, and so pass by.

To do this we will need to coordinate our eyes with our fingers to jump when the time is right. When the ball enters the hoop, a point will be counted. So consecutively, the more points we reach, the better.

There are people who have broken world records in games like these. This has caused people to spend hours and hours of their free time trying to achieve a better score.

Download Flappy Dunk safely for free. The download will start instantly by clicking on the button on your platform...


Why Arcade Games Are So Entertaining

In this context, Arcade refers to classic video games, which bring back memories of old machines of the same name. This term usually refers to games that are relatively easy to play, such as Flappy Dunk.

There are different types of Arcade games, but basically, what catches so much of these games is their simplicity. This kind of games allows us to play whenever we can and as long as it's available. It allows us to stop when we need to.

In addition, most of these games do not need internet, so we can play it on our mobile in the streets, without data, where there is no WiFi. We can play it without too much concentration and as a way to kill time.

Although, of course, there are also those who take these games very seriously. There are even special tournaments of people who have become professionals. Because they have spent many hours training their impulses to get a better score.

Download and Install Flappy Dunk for iOS

Although your download is completely free, the game includes In-App purchases that need real-world money. These are for those who want to get special items without having to take so long to accumulate the game coins. To block these purchases, we will only need to enter the configuration of our mobile and make adjustments so that we do not appear.

For those iPhone or iPad users, it is ideal to install this game from the App Store. Doing this is not complicated at all, so we can list it in these simple steps:

  1. Press the upper "iOS" button
  2. Once we are in the file, click on "Get".
  3. We're waiting for the download to reach 100%.
  4. We open the application to make sure that the download was successful.

Download and Install Flappy Dunk for Android

To do this, we must first download the APK for Android, which is quite comfortable. Once we have it, when we open it we will notice that its structure is quite similar to the App Store of Google Play. So simply follow these steps:

  1. Open the App Store.
  2. Click on the search engine.
  3. Enter the name of the game.
  4. Click on the official game. To make no mistake, we must take into account that usually comes first. We can also see that the company that uploaded it is the corresponding one.
  5. Press the "Install" button.
  6. We wait for the download to reach 100%.
  7. We open the application to make sure that the download was successful.

However, there is also the option to download it from the Google Play app store. To download it using Google Play we must also follow the same steps as above. In any case, it is guaranteed to be a free, safe and direct download.

Special features of Flappy Dunk

This basic graphics game has an entertaining and simple way to play. We can even play with one hand, wherever we are. It has several designs, at times, there are up to twenty-one different designs of balls, you can customize it as you want.

Flappy Dunk has 30 challenges, you will feel great satisfaction to complete each of them. It also has retro graphics. Once you have this simple but fun video game on your mobile, you can play it whenever you want.

Whether it's during free time at work, at home, waiting for public transportation, or while waiting for someone outside.

In addition, you can challenge your friends to match or exceed your maximum score and have a good time with them. Remembering that these types of games also make you more agile by improving your eye-finger coordination skills.

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