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Flippy Knife

August 1, 2019

Do you like extreme games? Then today we will recommend one. This is a game that requires maximum concentration and practice to master your most extreme skills. This game has captivated many users of Android, iPhone and iPad.

And is that its dynamic is very entertaining, perfect for hanging out while you apply some laws of physics, because this game requires logic and intuition. What are we talking about? Flippy Knife, the best knife throwing game.

It seems extreme, doesn’t it? this is a simulator game to perfect the art of throwing knives, axes and swords, as well as offering you a large collection of these magnificent artifacts that can be entirely yours.

The game consists of hitting certain targets with different knives without failing, earning points. If you master the 7 locations as a professional you can have a great collection of knives, axes and swords.

This is a perfect game to hang out in a bus, a waiting room, at school recess or in your own room.

Plus you’ll polish your skills. Ideal for people who are self-confident and able to cope with the strongest emotions. Although the idea of the game is quite basic, as it only consists of hitting the target with a knife, this presents different challenges.

Download Flippy Knife Latest Version

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In Flippy Knife there are different levels of play. The first is the simplest, throwing the knife to the point, so that after several turns, it falls into the center of the target.

There’s the arcade mode, this involves sending knives from target to target as we advance horizontally. However, while there are basic and slightly more advanced options, it is quite difficult.

As we said, the laws of physics come into play here, because you have to take into account the speed, direction and inclination with which you threw the knife, all this to be able to hit the target.

In addition to the great patience you must have to be able to play it without frustrating you, because it requires a lot of effort. But do not be discouraged, in time you will become an expert in throwing knives.

To start the game, you’ll have a basic knife, but don’t worry, the more points you earn with the coins you get, the more you can get from them. Also some knives, axes or swords are free; while others you will get by watching advertisements.

With all these options you can have a fabulous collection of great knives. And as you advance in level, the ambience of these will change; some levels will be in the forest, while in others you’ll find yourself in cabins or in camps.

Flippy Knife for Android and IOS

  • You can find more than 120 knives, axes and swords available, with attractive designs.
  • More than 50 badges for your achievements. Plus the option to share them on your social networks.
  • 7 different levels, from forests, cabins, campsites and tree branches.
  • As already mentioned, physics is present at all times. This game is based on the true movement of a knife.
  • Free game, although it comes included with some real purchases.
  • Contains advertising.
  • Easy to play with just one finger, which is excellent for having fun on the subway or while walking.
  • Available for mobiles or tablets.

You can easily download this application from the Google Play Store. What are you waiting for? Download Flippy Knife and become an expert in the art of knife-throwing; accept the challenge and push your limits.