Game of Thrones Conquest

To start telling you how to download this game, we need to talk about the acclaimed series that this game is based on for our Android, IOS and Microsoft Phone devices.

This series revolves around "the iron throne" which, as explained in the program, gives power to the person sitting there as the king authority over all the species that make life.

According to all this, a whole war is generated between the species that make the ideal context for a war in the style of the Renaissance.

This series is full of scenes that captivate many people, because it has action, some suspense, romance and lack of love, for lovers of scenes with a lot of blood shed.

If you haven't seen it, you've missed what many people call "the best series that ever existed," and call it that because it has a high content that attracts and traps today's youth.

This generation that currently ranges between 14 and 25, 30 years tends to be interested in natural things like wolves and other creatures that appear in this series.

  1. Download Game of Thrones Conquest APK
    1. Things You Can Do with the Game
  2. Download Game of Thrones Conquest for Android
  3. What's Missing from the Application

Download Game of Thrones Conquest APK

Actually, like every other mobile game, it has some discrepancies and things that you know should be because of the importance they have but they're not there.

If it's true that all the characters appear, and you can be the one who dominates the 7 existing kingdoms, but it still doesn't give you the real experience of Game of Thrones.

Download free Game of Thrones Conquest safely. The download will start instantly by clicking on the button on your platform...


Things You Can Do with the Game

  1. You can be a lord of the west, make your home and fight for the 7 kingdoms.
  2. You can ally and interact with the mythical characters of the series.
  3. The characterscan help you complete the missions.
  4. They give you the option of capturing up to 120 seats of power.
  5. You must defend your fortresses from enemies.
  6. You will have to attack your enemies and you will be able to sweep the map, but with caution of the white walkers.
  7. You can recruit people affected by your house and dominate the social system, you can even coordinate attacks with your allies.
  8. You can reward your most loyal soldiers with titles such as King's Hand and Coin Advisor.
  9. You have to assign seats of power.

The game has some moments in which it sticks and goes super slow, even closes the application for no apparent reason, only to make you close it and reopen it without more.

Once in a while, you are in the middle of a battle and the game closes automatically without even saving the data of the defeat or victory you had.

Download Game of Thrones Conquest for Android

You can find it in the Play Store, App Store and Microsoft Store, you can also search in google to download it in a non-traditional way.

We do not recommend you to download any game through third parties, because many times these pages have Trojan horses or other viruses that are to steal your information.

What's Missing from the Application

Well, it should have several things, for example, a much larger map and many missions for people who are loyal fans to be entertained for a long time.

The application shouldn't stop, because this is a problem that several games have nowadays, and that's annoying for the users.

Similarly, developers should implement a server with more support capacity, as it crashes from time to time and does not save the progress you have made.

With all the above, we encourage you that if you are a fan of the series, download this App, so live some of the experience of having a great army under your command.

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