Gmail has become the standard for the best free email, offering features and tools that most other programs only offer to paying customers.

It includes a spam filter that automatically detects spam and keeps it out of your inbox, free storage in the cloud.

Support for IMAP and a message translator so you can stay in touch with anyone in the world, regardless of whether they share a common language.

Gmail includes instant messaging and video chat, and connects directly to popular social networking sites to import contacts into your Gmail address book.

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    1. How do I get an Account?
    2. Does Gmail display ads in Messages?
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    4. Space, Space and more Space
    5. Free POP and IMAP
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Download Gmail Latest Version

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How do I get an Account?

Gmail used to be available by invitation only, but now you can only sign up for an account whenever you want. When Gmail was first introduced.

Growth was limited to allowing users to invite a limited number of friends to open accounts. This allows Gmail to maintain the reputation of being elite and creating demand, as well as limiting growth.

Gmail was almost instantly one of the most popular email services available. The limited invitation system officially ended on February 14, 2007.

Does Gmail display ads in Messages?

Gmail is sponsored by Google Ads. These ads appear in the side panel of mail messages when you open them from the Gmail website.

The ads are unobtrusive and the computer matches the keywords within the email. Unlike some competitors.

Gmail doesn't place ads in your messages or add anything to your outgoing mail. Ads are computer-generated, not placed there by humans. Currently, there are no ads appearing in Gmail messages on Android phones.

Spam Filtering

Most email services offer some kind of spam filter these days, and Google's is very effective.

Gmail tries to filter advertising spam, viruses, and phishing attempts, but no filter is 100% effective. Integration with Google Hangouts.

Gmail's desktop displays your Hangout contacts on the left side of the screen, so you can know who's available and use Hangouts to send instant messages, video calls, or voice chat for more instant communication.

Space, Space and more Space

Gmail became popular by giving users ample storage space. Instead of deleting old messages, you can archive them. Today, Gmail's storage space is shared in Google accounts, including Google Drive.

From now on, free storage space is 15Gb on all accounts, but you can buy additional storage space if needed.

Free POP and IMAP

They are the Internet protocol that most desktop mail readers use to recover mail messages. That means you can use programs like Outlook or Apple Mail to verify your Gmail account.

Similar mail services from Google's competitors would charge for POP access.

Search by Keywords

You can search saved email and Talk transcripts with Google as if you were looking for web pages. Google automatically omits to search spam and junk folders, so it has results that are probably relevant.

Gmail Labs

Gmail introduces plug-ins and experimental features through Gmail Labs. This allows you to decide which features you'd like to use while they're still being developed. Activate Labs functions through the Labs tab in your desktop browser's settings menu.

Offline Access

You can access your Gmail account from your browser window even when your computer is not connected by installing the Chrome offline extension. New messages will be received and sent when your computer is connected again.

Other Features

You can use ingenious Gmail address hacks to create the illusion of multiple accounts and help you filter your messages. In the same way, you can check your Gmail via your mobile phone or you can receive notifications of new messages on your desktop.

Also, you can set up filters and labels to organize your mail. You can archive your mail for easier searches. You can subscribe to RSS and Atom feeds.

Receive feed summaries as if they were email messages, and you can mark special messages with a gold star. If you'd like to try the updated Inbox interface, simply sign in to your Inbox with your existing Gmail account.

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