Instagram has launched the new IGTV application for mobile phones and tablets. This new service is becoming more and more important in the social network. In it we can find videos in great vertical format and of long duration, being able to arrive at the hour of the reproduction. Since this application was launched to the market was able to position in the first places of acceptance, exceeding 1000 million users. This is its popularity among Internet users.

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  2. Download IGTV APK, Strong Competition for YouTube?
  3. IGTV Features You May Be Interested In

Download Last Version IGTV

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We invite you to enjoy this new form of multimedia content in Instagram. To view videos of long duration, created for the same users of the social network, there is now a new tool beyond the well-known YouTube network. Experience the freedom that comes from knowing that in Youtube not finish everything. There is something beyond it and there is no experience that can be seen.

Download IGTV APK, Strong Competition for YouTube?

Experts in the field affirm that IGTV can become a friendlier platform for marketing. So it has tried to displace the already well known and used social network YouTube . It is not impossible to believe that one could be thinking of something like "IGTVtube". In this way, it is possible to take advantage of some weaknesses that have been occurring, and that it has been the criterion of the internauts, to present some problems. This weakness could give way to a new platform, as we have already mentioned.

What you will find in this application: Go on to summarize a little what you can see in it, first, we have videos recommended for you. You have to look at the different sections as who are the people who follow and this way the videos that have uploaded. You will find the most viewed videos and what we can see as popular videos. You will also be able to recover or retake those videos that have not been finished and thus continue watching.

Like any application, it has a search engine to locate any video. This is the way we do it when we are browsing the Instagram platform publications. It has a configuration menu that allows you to change what has to do with the accounts and pose more in a binding way, in addition to managing privacy on the site.

IGTV Features You May Be Interested In

  • Log in with your own accountquickly and easily.
  • Watch the videothat can last up to an hour.
  • Browse to find a videothat not follow in your account with the powerful search engine.
  • Watch videos vertically, we hope to see them horizontally soon.
  • Comment on your videosand interact with others quickly.

With these powerful features, the IGTV is proven to be much more than just a video platform. With this official Instagram application we can add many additional functions and be able to expand even more our number of followers.

So, what are you waiting for to try it?

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