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If you want to improve your dance steps quickly and in a fun way, the following App will delight you, it's Just Dance Now the App to improve your dance steps by playing.

To download the best app to improve your dance steps with Just Dance Now you must enter from your Android device to Play Store, or from the IOS system by entering the App Store.

If you like to have fun and also want to impress your friends or family we recommend this App, now you can download the App from your mobile device or Tablet. Important to note that the application was originally developed for consoles under the name Just Dance.

Currently this App Just Dance Now is available for Android systems as well as for IOS, iPhone and iPad devices.

  1. How to Configure and Download Just Dance Now 2.3.0 APK for Android?
    1. Description of Just Dance Now Game
    2. Special Benefits at Just Dance Now.

How to Configure and Download Just Dance Now 2.3.0 APK for Android?

To enjoy this excellent App you must have a compatible Android or IOS device, and a screen with an internet connection. The screen can be from a computer, a Smart TV or with ChromeCast, so you can have fun and challenge your friends to a dance duel.

To be able to play it we only have to enter the Just Dance Now page from your computer or television to synchronize your mobile device with a code that will be sent to you. When you synchronize your mobile device with the TV, you will be able to improve your dance steps playing Just Dance Now easy and fast.

Download Just Dance Now for free in a safe way. The download will start instantly by clicking on the button on your platform...


Description of Just Dance Now Game

With this App you will be able to enjoy your favorite hits, since it has more than 400 songs, including 40 songs of the game for console Just Dance of the year 2018. In addition to, every month will be updating this great App in it you can have access to new songs and content unique and special.

You can play by yourself, with your friends or in an online community with more than 1000 players who will be able to challenge and demonstrate your best dance steps.

In the App Just Dance Now improve your dance skills by imitating a dancer who depending on the music you choose will change both the environment and the dancer.

You can choose between different categories of music such as: classical music, reggaeton, salsa, merengue, trap, skrillex, etc ... Which best suits your style.

For the way you perform in the dance, you will be given a reward that will be useful to unlock more styles and new songs.

Depending on the song you choose there will be certain specific characteristics, which will indicate whether the songs are individual, duo or group. The songs and tracks will show you how to form the genre of the dancers. Example: Man and woman.

The songs range from the 80s to the present with the best hits of the time.

Special Benefits at Just Dance Now.

If you want to have special privileges to a variety of music or game modes, you can unlock the VIP privilege.

With the VIP Privilege you can have access to the complete song list, enjoy the App without advertising and create game rooms or dance halls.

In these dance halls you can be joined by people who are not VIP, so that you share with them your best dance steps.

The prices of the VIP privilege vary depending on the time in which it is desired to be it, the more time lasts being VIP, the greater will be the cost of the same one.

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