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Text messages, calls, video calls, there are plenty of ways to communicate today, and although some are more popular than others, each one has its own characteristic stamp that makes it useful for certain people.

Social networks are the platforms through which we communicate most of the time. One of the most popular and one of the pioneers of this world is undoubtedly Facebook, a platform with one of the most stable chat services so far known, along with WhatsApp and Telegram.

Facebook is a giant in the internet industry, and although it is, it never stops innovating. Even though it is one of the best, perfection is still a parameter never seen before in technological inventions and because of this it has its minimum faults.

Even so, Facebook took a colossal step when it solved one of its biggest problems in mobile devices, the incredible weight of storage that occupied its official App for Android and iOS.

What was this solution? Yes, give the chat its own complete application; that is, divide the application between the main interface of news and notifications, and conversations and stories.

Messenger was an excellent alternative at the time. However, it became inevitable that the enormous accumulation of data and elements within the App would make it almost as heavy as the original.

Therefore, an application is created that revolutionized this relationship Facebook-Smartphone that felt so delicate. This is the Facebook Lite, which would also be divided between the home version (news, notifications, friend requests and more) and the chat, called Messenger Lite, our protagonist today.

The difference between Messenger and Messenger Lite is its size. The Lite version has almost the same functions, but takes up less space, something that is undoubtedly more comfortable for people with little memory on their cell phone.

If you want to communicate all the time with your Facebook friends without spending much on storage or mobile internet data, then I will show you how to download and use Messenger Lite, not without first briefly describing essential features of the App.

Download Messenger Lite for free in a safe way. The download will start instantly by clicking on the button on your platform...


  1. Little Space, Great Utility
    1. Fluidity and Versatility.
    2. Compatible only with Android
  2. How to Download Messenger Lite APK for Android

Little Space, Great Utility

This application can be downloaded from any application store or also from the Facebook page, because if we enter the chat from our cell phones through the browser this will offer us to download the application.

The only requirements that this application requests are: a smart phone to download it and have a Facebook account.

By entering our profile and linking it to the application, we'll have our list of friends or contacts on the phone so we can talk to them whenever we want.

All notifications will go directly to our phone, which will alert us when someone writes to us, quite useful for people who should always be in contact with each other. However, in this version you will not enjoy the popular chat bubble that the original offers. In this case you will have to download the notification bar and click on the message that has reached you.

Fluidity and Versatility.

One of the advantages that this application has is that as it is the simplest and lightest version, it does not usually present problems with the memory, which allows it to go at a good speed and not take away large spaces of RAM memory.

Compatible only with Android

This App can only be downloaded and used on phones with the Android operating system, as there are no versions available for iOS or Windows Phone. So below, we'll show you how to download Messenger Lite on your Android.

How to Download Messenger Lite APK for Android

There are two ways to download Messenger Lite for your Android Smartphone. One of them consists of downloading the APK from your PC, which you can find in countless sites. Just search your search engine for the keyword "download APK Messenger Lite" and go! You can pass it to your cell phone and install it or you can add it to your Android emulator on your PC.

However, the way we recommend due to its antivirus security and ease is to download the App from the Google Play Store.

Enter the official and free Android store and put in the search bar "Messenger Lite". Yes, you are going to press exactly the option with this name, which has as a characteristic seal in its logo the inversion of colors, being this one white with blue, different from the normal version that is blue with white.

All that's left is to press the 'Install' button and just wait for the application to download so you can log in with your profile and start communicating with all your friends instantly.

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