NBA Live Mobile

If you were a fan of video games, you have a smart phone and a basketball lover. Congratulations! EA Sports has designed the video game that meets all your expectations and needs. All the way to your hand (and your internet connection).

With this great game representative of the NBA you will be able to experience the last season of this competitive event. Similarly, you can manage your team, improve your own players and continue training. All this with the intention of reaching the highest ranking you can.

  1. Download and Install NBA Live Mobile for Android
  2. Download and Install NBA Live Mobile for iOS

Download and Install NBA Live Mobile for Android

Like any other application, we will be able to get NBA Live Mobile Basketball on our Android device through two procedures. In one, we'll use the Google Play Store. And in another, we will use the tools of our Operating System by installing the .apk file.

In the first option, we will open the Google Play Store from the application menu of our device. Afterwards, we will access the application search engine located at the top of the screen. In it, type the name: "NBA Live Mobile Basketball" and immediately press the "Enter" key on your keyboard.

We will see that there is a list with different games and applications, we will click on the section of the game we are looking for. After accessing the information tab of this sports game, select with your finger the button that says "Install".

Download free NBA Live Mobile safely. The download will start instantly by clicking on the button on your platform...


In this way we will allow the app store to start downloading the information packs and installing them. After a couple of minutes, we should have this video game on our device. Now, there is another way to install this application.

This requires us to do a quick internet search, until we find the .apk file of the video game in question. This is really not complicated at all, whoever has done a Google search already knows more than half the procedure. And after having obtained and downloaded the file .apk, we will have to proceed to send it to our phone.

Already with the .apk file on our mobile device, let's open the application "My files". This will allow us to explore the internal folders and documents of our phone. With the intention of searching and finding the .apk file we just downloaded.

To continue, click on this file with your finger and select the "Execute" option. Next, our device will ask for special permissions because it doesn't know the origin of this application. We'll just grant them and let our OS do the rest.

Download and Install NBA Live Mobile for iOS

As far as iPhone or iPad users are concerned, the installation procedure is quite simple and quick. First we will open our App Store. And we will use the app finder with the following name: NBA Live Mobile Basketball.

Once we are in the profile of this application, we only need to press the "Get" button. In this way, the App Store will contact your database and start downloading the components of this video game. Once the download is finished, it will be installed by us. Next, we will search in our list of applications the NBA Live Mobile Basketball and we will open it clicking on its icon.

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