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Opera with Free VPN

August 8, 2019

Virtual Private Network or VPN is a network technology that allows an extension of your local connection or LAN. This is what allows you to connect several devices as if they were physically in the same place, download Opera with Free VPN and browse securely anonymously.

Among its advantages is to offer greater privacy by hiding its location, but also the one that seems that your connection is being made in another specific country.

What Opera offers is a free VPN Last Version 1.5.0 implemented directly in the browser. This means that you don’t have to delegate to third party applications, and everything is much easier.

Download Opera with VPN Free Version 1.5.0 The Best Way to Hide Your Location

Download for free Opera with Free VPN safely. The download will start instantly by clicking on the button on your platform…


To activate Opera VPN, you have to download the beta version, something you can do on the official website. Once downloaded, the steps are as follows:

Open the configuration by clicking on the Opera logo in the lower right corner. Then activate the VPN.

In these settings, you can configure the VPN to work only on private tabs. Then choose the location of the server you want to connect to. Although you can always leave it in the optimal position and let the browser choose you.

Description of Opera with Free VPN Version 1.5.0

It is an excellent browser for Android devices that will allow you to surf the Internet quickly and safely, it also has a special function: you have a free VPN at your disposal.

Do not forget to download this application on your mobile device, it is completely free and, in addition to offering excellent navigation, gives you many features so you can enjoy an extraordinary experience while using it.

Opera with Free VPN Version 1.5.0 Has Many Functions

Once you download this tool, you will have the opportunity to enjoy its many features. This is an advantage with which you can improve your security and privacy.

When you activate it, you will instantly replace your IP address with a virtual IP address.

It has a news channel with which you can access a series of content that you can customize and save as favorites.

Also with Opera you can block ads so that the pages you visit are loaded quickly. Or the downloads you make will be completed in the shortest possible time.

It has an excellent night mode that will allow you to improve the vision of your device in places with low light. It can be accessed from its main menu.

With this useful tool, you can also change the font size of the text to suit your reading preferences.

You can speed up the file download process with your administrator. This will allow you to do it in the quickest and easiest way.

You can also sort them and share them as you wish; or if you wish you can remove them from the list.

Interesting Features of Opera with Free VPN Version 1.5.0

It has a sophisticated compression technology, which will allow you to store a large amount of data. As well as time, everything without interruptions in your navigation.

It allows you to synchronize your favorites, favorites and shortcuts with other devices. This so you can change the environment without losing your data. Just install Opera on your devices and create an account with all of them.

It gives you the ability to connect to other servers anywhere in the world. This through Opera free VPN quickly and securely.

Take advantage of all the advantages offered by Opera with a free VPN. It is one of the browsers that gives more advantages among the millions of Internet users worldwide.