Playbook is a mobile market where your favorite coaches, social media influencers and athletes share their workouts in real time. How does Playbook work?

Each trainer/influencer/athlete has its own channel, which allows them to publish their training programs directly in real time. You only get your last 10 workouts - it's always new, but it also means you have to keep up!

Playbook is also home to the most sought-after personalities of yoga and mobility, no matter what you're looking for, you can find it on our incredible talent list.

If you want to improve your figure and share your workouts this application is the right one, simply download it to your device and start with your exercise routines.

  1. Download Playbook Apk Version 1.0.618 for Android Free
    1. Basic Features You Should Know
  2. What do I get with Playbook Premium?
    1. How does Playbook work?
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Download Playbook Apk Version 1.0.618 for Android Free

Download Playbook for free in a safe way. The download will start instantly by clicking on the button on your platform...


Basic Features You Should Know

  • It has a highly simple interface and suitable for any type of user
  • You can create in a short time your workouts and share them with other users in real time.
  • It's totally free, but you can download the Premium version to get more benefits
  • Provides nutritional guidelines to balance diet and training
  • Athletes and influencers can have their own channel and share their content.

What do I get with Playbook Premium?

Discover in Playbook your fitness colleagues who inspire you from everyday life (from social media, blogs, magazines, etc.). You can also recommend who you'd like to train with and we'll work hard to make them appear in the Playbook.

Your Playbook "fitness-partner" shares your daily exercise routine and your health and wellness knowledge through its channel. Communicate directly with your Playbook and participate with others in your community.

How does Playbook work?

Once you have downloaded the application you will begin to train your body. The trainers you'll find in Playbook are professionals, such as celebrities.

In addition to training every week, you'll be offered motivating tips and advice. The application allows you to communicate in real time to ask for advice.

With the application you will have a direct access segment in which you can see tips that have been provided by coaches as well as athletes.

Otherwise, if you are the one providing training and nutrition tips, the application offers you the opportunity to interact directly with your client, earn monthly income and structure your terms.

You can design the content to your liking and only you will have access to the client's data. It allows you to share with users videos of your trainings, testimonials of advances and things of interest in various social networks.


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