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At some point in our lives, we have all looked for different ways to spend time, some do sports, others read books, there are many entertaining hobbies that fit the tastes of different people.

One of the most popular activities to pass the time are video games, an interactive way to live the story of a character or simulate some experience that is entertaining for the player.

To generate this experience, videogame designers must devise a way to innovate with their productions. Among so many innovative video game titles, one recently stood out: Pokemon Go.

Initially, Pokemon started with a simple theme, you're a boy or girl who travels the world catching creatures with special abilities and training them to fight for you. With this simple concept she managed to maintain a great boom in each of her deliveries.

  1. Download Pokemon Go Latest Version 0.143.2
    1. Undertake a New Adventure as a Pokemon Hunter
  2. Download Pokémon Go for Android, iPhone and iPad
    1. Android
    2. iPhone and iPad

Download Pokemon Go Latest Version 0.143.2

Download Pokemon Go for free in a safe way. The download will start instantly by clicking on the button on your platform...


But there wasn't a more important moment in the history of this game until they decided to release Pokemon Go, a game that completely revolutionized the way they played.

The idea of the game remained, you were still yourself, this time with your cell phone, wandering around the world looking for creatures. What no one expected was that this time it wouldn't be a fictional world, but now you'd be looking for pokemones in your own world, the real world.

When this game was revealed, the true fans of the saga did not doubt the success of the App and downloaded it without a doubt. No one was surprised to see people watching their phone screen on the street as they played.

Joining the group of pokemon hunters is not difficult, just having a connection on your Smartphone will teach you how to download Pokemon Go for Android, iPhone and iPad, so you can live the experience yourself. Now I'll show you more about what this wonderful video game is all about.

Undertake a New Adventure as a Pokemon Hunter

First we have to start with the most basic, the game is based on walking around the world, and I mean literally, with your phone in your hand until you find one of these elusive pokemones and capture them, but how do we do this?

When you start the game, you'll have to have the rear camera of your cell phone operative, because through it the game will show you the world. On the screen of our phone we can see 2 screens, one that shows us the real world, and one that shows us a virtual world that fits with our environment.

As we walk, our virtual character will also walk. In this way we will have to move through our neighborhood so that our character also does and appear the small and digital beasts.

If you come across one of these creatures, your cell phone screen will show up and you'll have to master it. If you manage to do this, you will be able to capture it in spheres called "pokeballs" where you will keep as many pokemones as you want.

The idea of the game is not only to capture as many pokemones as possible, but also challenges you to train them, improve their skills and use them to fight with other players, or in this case, people who play in your area.

Without a doubt Pokémon Go is an experience that you must live, it is the most realistic game that you will be able to play in the streets of your locality. Now, the promised is debt, how to download it? Here it is.

Download Pokémon Go for Android, iPhone and iPad

This App is totally free, so don't worry, you'll get them yes or yes. However, the only drawback is the range of the phone, which must be minimally average up, to have the version, RAM and camera needed to play.


In our Smartphone with Android operating system, we will have to attend the Play Store, the official app store. Then we'll look for "Pokemon Go" in the search bar. Once we have found the only game with the exact name we will click on the "Install" button to start the download. Once downloaded, all you have to do is log in, create your trainer avatar and start your street adventure.

Another way to download this game for Android is through the APK file that you can download on various pages throughout the Internet. Just look for "Download APK Pokemon Go Android" in your browser, and after you activate the 'Settings' option 'Unknown Origins' - usually located under 'Security' - you can easily install it without entering the Play Store.

Remember that your Android must be version 4.3 or higher, the RAM must be at least 1GB and have two cores. If your device complies with this, there will be no problem downloading and starting it.

iPhone and iPad

In the Apple operating system, the only way to download it is through the App Store. We'll enter this store and search for "Pokemon Go”. Once inside, click on the download button and once downloaded the game, just create your online player and start with everything.

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