Pokemon Quest

Being the new "Boom" of all Smarphone and tablets Pokemon Quest is a game in which you will start an adventure through Tumblecube Island. It can be downloaded on iPhone, iPad or Android. The game consists of finding all the treasures that are on the island, exploring even the most hidden places.

It's important that you train your Pokemon by fighting each other. There is the option of equipping them with different means that allow you to increase their stamina. These pokémons move automatically in the levels that the game has, however, you do the orders of attack.

You should know that you are not alone on Rodacubo Island, "Pokapi" is at your disposal. In the same way you have a Dron that serves as a guide to find the treasures. If you want to have partners on the island you only have to prepare exquisite dishes that will attract other pokemons.

Among the pokémon you can choose to start your game are Charmander, Pikachu, Squirtle or Bulbasaur. After selecting your ally, you must fight against enemies and "polish" yourself when attacking.

  1. Download Pokemon Quest Latest Version
  2. Some Curious Facts about Pokemon Quest
  3. The Top Pokemon You'll Find at Pokemon Quest
    1. Pikachu
    2. Bulbasaur
    3. Squirtle
    4. Eevee
    5. Charmander
  4. Create Alliances at Pokemon Quest

Download Pokemon Quest Latest Version

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Some Curious Facts about Pokemon Quest

  • You can search or exploreall the treasures on Tumblecube Island.
  • Organize your own combat groupto break more records. This is done by creating alliances with other Pokémon.
  • Create and designthe island as you like.
  • Remember that selecting helperswill make it easier for you to navigate all your expeditions.
  • To carry out the expeditionsyou have to fight with other pokémones and thus to cross the whole island.
  • All controls are used via your touch screen.
  • Pokémon Quest has Expedition Packs. With these micropayments you can accelerate your progress in the game and opt for free access to time-saving benefits. These packs invigorate the base with many more pots that allow the preparation of meals.
  • The potentiation of Pokéballs and adornments that help the food to be done faster to recover all the energies spent in the expeditions.

The Top Pokemon You'll Find at Pokemon Quest

Since in this game you attract other pokemons by making meals, you need to learn the recipes for each dish.


With the Electric Rodarice or the Yellow Rodacurry you can attract it. To cook the Electric Rodarice use one of these forms:

  • A blunt mushroom, two honeys, a bonguri and a large root.
  • A large root, an aromatic mushroom and three honeys.

To cook the Yellow Rodacurry you only have to use honey or bonguris.


It can be attracted with a Vegetable Rodashake, this can be elaborated in three ways:

  • Three large roots with two bonguri.
  • Three large roots, a bonguri and a mushroom
  • A mini-shape with alarge root and three

Another food for this pokémon are the Toxic Rodagachas, which can be made simply with two mini-sheets and three scented mushrooms. You can also cook using a rainbow block, a mini-shelf and three scented mushrooms.


Cooking the Soft Rodasauce you can get it. It is cooked in the following three ways:

  • Two mini mushroom sand three oram berries.
  • One bonguri, three oram berries and one honey.
  • Two honeys, one frozen rock and two oram berries.


Cook a Silky Rodacake. It can be cooked using three different recipes:

  • Two aroma mushrooms, two honeys and one oram berry.
  • Also two scented mushrooms and three honeys.
  • Two fossils, one honey and two oram berries.


A Burning Rodabroth will serve to have this pokémon. Only cook one of these three options:

  • Two oram berriesand three mini mushrooms.
  • Twolarge roots and three scented mushrooms.
  • Three mini mushroomand two honeys.

Create Alliances at Pokemon Quest

It is clear that in this game it is necessary to form an alliance group to help you level up. To do this you need to know which are the best pokemons available and how they work. We'll mention some of them.

  1. Dragonite: the best when it comes to statistics. It is characterized by making the movement "Draco Comet", which is considered one of the best in the game.
  2. Snorlax: used for defense and attack. You can train it to make the movement called "Megafist". This move makes his attack more powerful.
  3. Lapras: helps your team resist all attacks.
  4. Golem: carries out attacks that cover large areas. It has a good defense.
  5. Alakasam: It is excellent when you face powerful expeditionsin which there are bosses pokemons.

If you want to have a good team in the game, you have to balance the three members you have in your team and these pokémones mentioned above. It's also important that you use the Pokeballs.

We've told you enough about this spectacular game, now download it and discover this adventure yourself.

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