Once the human being satisfies an essential and fundamental need as in this case, to communicate. It won't be long before other needs are created, which are not indispensable at all, but they do entertain! It is the same case that happened with Snapchat, a revolutionary social network that forever changed the way in which these would be used.

When Facebook, Instagram, Skype, WhatsApp and Twitter had already established themselves in the list of social networks, it seemed impossible for another to reach such popularity levels.

I mean, if you already have an instant messaging network, one for video calls or internet calls, another to share photos, another to publish serious or funny opinions and another to make it part of our daily life in every aspect, what else was needed? Now we know, yes, the fun of Snapchat.

Snapchat created something new, created something we hadn't seen in such quality, the animated filters. The filter of the dog with its ears and tongue is an icon of this App, which is not intended to be a channel of communication between users, but rather entertainment and trends.

In this social network not only do you indicate if you like a publication (photo or video with filter), no, you also value it, because between different scores you get a general average that will be the valuation of the image.

Thanks to Snapchat, giant applications such as WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram introduced new filter options to make stories and states, something without precedent that today became extremely common.

Snapchat currently has only Android and iOS versions, as Windows Phone does not yet have its own version of the App. So, if you want to know a little more about this application and learn how to download it, you'd better keep reading this post.

  1. Download Latest Snapchat Version
    1. Snapchat for Android
    2. Snapchat for iPhone and iPad
  2. Snapchat: Fun and Creativity Like Never Before
    1. Private Messages
    2. Funny Photo and Video Editing
  3. Discover the other side of your Franchise or Famous Favorites

Download Latest Snapchat Version

Download Snapchat securely for free. The download will start instantly by clicking on the button on your platform...


Snapchat is included in Android and iOS app stores for free, so downloading it won't be a problem. The process is super simple; however, it is not our style to leave a gap in our post, so here we show you how to do it step by step for both operating systems.

Snapchat for Android

To download Snapchat on Android we need to enter the official store, which is called the Google Play Store. We go to the search bar and put the name of the App. We find the version with the free logo and that's it! Just click on 'Install' and wait for it to download to your phone.

In its defect, if you prefer to install this App through an APK, you can search the Google search engine "Download APK Snapchat for Android" and I assure you that you will find an infinity of pages where you can download this element.

First of all, you must remember that in order to install an App from an APK, you must activate the option "Unknown Sources", which is located in the 'Adjustment' or 'Configuration' section in your Smartphone, exactly in 'Security'.

Snapchat for iPhone and iPad

The process is repeated in Apple's operating system, iOS. However, in this case we will focus on your App Store, which is called the App Store. Here you just have to search in the search bar the name of the social network and press the button to download it. Just let it download, create an account, or log in and poof! Start inventing with your camera.

Snapchat: Fun and Creativity Like Never Before

If there is one thing that Snapchat achieved with its users, it was to exploit their imagination and creativity in a way never before seen. Having infinite possibilities to create funny and symbolic images with the different filters and options of the App, the simple was no longer an alternative, the invention of unheard of ways to attract attention had been unbridled. But what other important features does this App have? We've already mentioned them to you.

Private Messages

You've probably heard the word Snapchat in some modern genres like pop, reggaeton and rap, referring to the private messages that can be sent through this App, which self-destruct in seconds after the receiver has seen it. What if I want to screenshot it? You won't be able to, or well, you can, but the sender of the message will be automatically notified.

Funny Photo and Video Editing

Through the various filters and stickers offered by Snapchat in its application, we can edit our photos and videos in strangely funny ways. And I say strangely because it's the App that specializes in it, so there are many more options than in other networks with the same service.

Discover the other side of your Franchise or Famous Favorites

Something that makes Snapchat unique among social networks is that both civilians and celebrities (artists, athletes, politicians, etc.) can show their fun side to the world. In Discover mode you will be able to see the 'Stories' of your different favorite characters, watching videos of your daily life and also of your professional life.

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