The Grand War: San Andreas

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You can easily familiarize yourself with The Grand War: San Andreas because at first glance, we get the impression that it is GTA San Andreas. In editing to that, the gameplay it offers is quite similar, this game has realistic graphics. It's like being present in the wars that take place in the city of San Andreas. A unique experience that not all video games offer.

Everything is a mafia, your bosses want you to kill their enemies to take the zones and if you succeed, you can build your own template.

You can face anything, blows, bats, or weapons with each and every one of your enemies and if necessary, steal cars and motorcycles to quickly escape from where you are.

Do you know how to shoot? It is necessary that you hit the target or your enemies will defeat you easily, beware.

  1. Download The Grand War: San Andreas Last Version 1.0.0
  2. The Grand Wars: San Andreas Features

Download The Grand War: San Andreas Last Version 1.0.0

San Andreas is becoming more and more dangerous city, that's why more and more mafiosi want to be in control. Join a gang and with the help of street friends, become the leader.

Stay alert, to become the leader of each neighborhood, you must kill all the gang members. You have the advantage of using different weapons, which you have. You can go to different neighborhoods and kill any gang one by one.

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You'll be advancing in the game and earning different benefits each time you take on a new neighborhood.

Take it very seriously, attack but be careful, some gang leaders are evil and extremely dangerous. Never be careless! some gangs are very well organized and their members are well trained. They won't let you take away their authority easily.

As you progress, you'll be unlocking more and better weapons for your arsenal. These weapons can be put to the test in all-out wars.

If at any time you are attacked, get in or use parked cars to escape, do not miss your enemies.

The Grand Wars: San Andreas Features

Keep your adrenaline flowing with the incredible realism offered by The Grand Wars: San Andreas videogame, high graphics and 3d effects. The areas you stay in will also look quite realistic.

You can customize the way your character dresses, there are more than 10 different dress catalogs for you to find your favorite.

Each neighborhood of San Andreas will indicate your experience and how far you have come in the mafia. Each represents a different level.

The controls are quite common, on the one hand move around the areas and on the other point and shoot easily.

You will achieve everything with effort and strategy, that includes weapons, to get them you must advance.

You start out as just a pawn, but don't worry. If you do well and finish off each of the rival gangs, in no time the leader who leads the baton in the neighborhoods will be just you.

Are you ready to join the real mafia? Download The Grand Wars: San Andreas and become the leader.

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