The Sims™

We've all heard about this video game developed by EA Games. Whether it was good or bad, the fame that presides over this videogame has its raison for being. This role-playing game simulator will allow you to do with your life everything you want.

From having a new home, an interesting job, developing your social life better, having more consultations or even begetting a child. Your imagination is the only limit within this video game. So, what are you waiting for? Immediately access this world full of possibilities.

  1. Download and Install The Sims™ APK for Android Free
  2. Steps to Follow to Download and Install The Sims™ for iOS

Download and Install The Sims™ APK for Android Free

If we are willing to devote several hours of our lives to one of the best simulators available today. Then we have two alternatives if we have an Android device. Being the most popular, attended by users of this operating system, Google Play Store.

To do this, you will have to open this application and type in its search engine the following words: The Sims. Immediately you will see that a long list is displayed with many applications and video games. You'll have to explore that list until you find the game you're looking for.

Once you've found it, click on the entry in the list to access the application's info panel. Inside this panel you will find two buttons, as well as a lot of information and screenshots. But only the button painted green will be of your attention.

Download the free Sims™ safely. The download will start instantly by clicking on the button on your platform…


After you click the install button, the Google Play Store will take care of downloading information packs as well as installation. We'll just wait a couple of minutes and that's it! We will have this video game for our enjoyment.

There is also the possibility of installing The Sims using an .apk file downloaded from a web page that stores it. For this we will have to do a quick internet search until we find the platform that contains it. Actually this is not as complicated as it seems, because there are many pages dedicated to this action.

Then, after having downloaded it we will have to pass it to our mobile device. This can be done using a microSD card or USB cable. Then, from your smartphone you'll need to access the "My Files" application. And we will look where we have saved the .apk.

Just click on it to run it and let our phone's operating system do its job. In the possible case that special permissions are requested, you can grant them without any fear. This is because our device has a defense mechanism against unknown applications.

Steps to Follow to Download and Install The Sims™ for iOS

For iOS users, it doesn't matter if it's iPhone or iPad. Its procedure is much more limited than that of Android users. Because they only have one way to install applications and this is through the App Store.

Therefore, our first action will have to be: open the App Store of our device. Next we will look for the name of The Sims inside the application. Before this, a great list with possible results will be shown. We only have to press on the one that catches our attention.

Inside the profile of this application or videogame, we will have to look for a button that says "get". After we press it the App Store will take care of the rest of the work for us. When it's done, we'll check our list of applications to make sure the video game is there.

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