To start talking about what the title says, we must know that it is Xender, who developed it and if there are applications similar to it that we can use.

Xender is an application that is used to transfer, send or, as you want to call it, files from one mobile device to another without using the Internet and quickly and easily.

In addition to sending apk files, which are the applications themselves, we can send images, music, documents and other things that we need to send to a person by bluetooth.

It was developed by Xender team, which is a division of people who decided to create this App.

And there are Apps that are similar to Xender, such as zapay, shareit, aidroid, moboplay and file transfer, but none is as reliable as Xender, because it is the best known to transfer data.

  1. Download Xender Latest Version
    1. Download Xender for Android and iOS
    2. Xender's Key Points

Download Xender Latest Version

This App has a peculiarity, and that is that it uses a technology called NFC of small range that can be used to send data to mobiles several times faster than bluetooth.

Unlike bluetooth, Xender is fast and can send data to several devices at the same time, even have been tested sending up to 50 Mb in just seconds.

All this without using long and annoying cables, without having to use wifi, just the application is enough to have these benefits, which has given Xender a good position in the general opinion. Characteristics:

Download for free Xender in a safe way. The download will start instantly by clicking on the button on your platform...


  1. You can transfer data in just seconds.
  2. You can send files without weight limitations.
  3. It gives you the option to transfer data to and from different software platforms.
  4. It works as a music player, videos and other files if you don't have one or don't like the one you have.

Download Xender for Android and iOS

You only have to enter the Play Store if you have an Android device and the App Store if you have an Apple mobile, if you have a mobile with Windows phone you can still download it without any problem.

This application is available for download by all platforms that there are applications, you can even download from pages in google, which is not recommended.

There are people who choose to download it through unreliable pages with little reputation, and in some cases end up with malware or viruses on their phones.

The best thing that we can recommend to you so that it does not happen to you as to several people with their infected phones, is to download all your Apps by reliable platforms and with good reputation.

In almost all of them there is an antivirus that scans the Apps that are available in their lists to avoid that their users end up disgusted by a virus in our mobile phone.

Xender's Key Points

  1. You can manage your files, move and even delete data received and make backups in case you clean the phone by storage.
  2. It has a friendly and comfortable design for the users who use it.
  3. It allows you additional functionsrelated to sending files, such as installation, uninstallation, deletion, viewing, etc.
  4. It has its own gallery of recommendedfiles to send, and even tells you when you have not sent files and data.
  5. It has a great variety of languagesin its database, it makes things easier for people who do not speak English, because surely the App is in its own language.

After that, you already know how to download the best application to send and receive files you can find, and it's free.

We recommend that you use it if you want your files to be transferred in seconds and not much longer, since it is a great application we urge you to download it.

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