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If you're one of those who likes to spend all day with your headphones listening to good music, then YouTube Music is for you. Created in 2015 and designed, has the goal of giving you good music at any time, can be played by video or just music.

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Download YouTube Music Latest Version 2.35.56

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Google's intention was to overthrow Spotify and leave YouTube Music as the world's first music player. Although initially only available to 30 countries, more have been progressively added. The idea is that anyone who has an Android device anywhere in the world has access to this fabulous application.

It is even one of the applications already installed on the android 8.0 device which is the latest version of this operating system. You can also get it for iOS operating systems. YouTube Music offers you 2 modalities of downloads, free and paid.

Unlike free downloads, the pay option allows you:

  • Listen to music and download videos without any interruptionsor advertisements.
  • You can also continue listening to musicin the background while using another application.
  • Listen to music without an Internet connection.
  • Play only in mp3 format, so you save your data.
  • Excellentaudio quality.

This application to results to be a success and is that thanks to the enormous good history that presents its creator YouTube, millions of users do not hesitate to use it as an application. Like any relatively new application, it updates and corrects its errors eventually to offer you a better quality service. It allows you to play the music of the moment, since it is programmed to count the daily downloads and thus know which is the music that you listen to the most. In this way, it recommends the most followed music.

YouTube Music For Android and IOS

YouTube Music helps you discover the music of the moment and based on your tastes and preferences. It makes personalized recommendations based on your daily activities. This application is really smart! Among the highlights of YouTube Music we can say that:

  • He updates his list of artists. Allowing new videos and singers to come to light.
  • You can play any type of audiovisual file and share it.
  • It has a very elegant and eye-catching design.
  • The paid music option is a real success.

The Premiun version really is a marvel. Encourage yourself to download it and try all its advantages. But what about the free version? Well, it's not bad, so go ahead and use this wonderful application on your android devices, and tell us how it went.

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